Saint Anthony’s High School

Saint Anthony’s High School had its beginning in 1933 at Smithtown.  In that year, the Saint Anthony’s Juniorate was opened as a boarding prep school for young men desiring to become Franciscan Brothers.  The Juniorate had an initial enrollment of twenty-five students.

In 1958, the Franciscan Brothers, noting the increased Roman Catholic population in the newly created Diocese of Rockville Centre, altered the complexion and nature of the Juniorate by admitting young men as day students.  Thus, Saint Anthony’s High School was born as a college preparatory school for young men.

In 1984, Saint Anthony’s High School relocated to its present campus at South Huntington, New York.  This relocation provided Saint Anthony’s High School with an enlarged and modern educational facility.  It was in 1984 that young women were admitted as students.  Today, Saint Anthony’s High School boasts an enrollment of twenty-four hundred students.

With this relocation and expansion, Saint Anthony’s High School has preserved its long traditions of Franciscan spirituality and academic excellence; it continues to serve the Church as a source of teaching and Roman Catholic inspiration.

The Mission

Saint Anthony’s High School is a Roman Catholic, Franciscan, college preparatory school, rooted in the seraphic principle “Capture the heart and the mind will follow” (St. Bonaventure). Our mission is to educate young men and women on their journey towards Truth.

Belief Statements

We at Saint Anthony’s High School believe in our Catholic heritage, in the Franciscan tradition. We encourage our student’s spiritual growth through participation in the Church’s mission to build the Body of Christ by instructing our students in the Catholic faith, and encouraging in each student:

  • The formation of a morally correct conscience
  • Developing and respecting different religions
  • Challenging the forces of racism in all its forms
  • Providing liturgical experiences which nurture the spiritual development and sacramental life of the student
  • Promoting gospel ideals as mirrored in the lives of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony of Padua
  • Faith, hope, love of God, self and neighbor
  • Joy in the gifts of life and salvation
  • Peace in the attempt to discern God’s will in the daily course of events
  • Fostering a respect for the natural order and the beauty of creation

Dignity and Respect

We promote the future common good of our students, our school and our society by:

  • Fostering respect for the democratic ideals of liberty, equality, and the principle of law in a pluralistic and multicultural society
  • Encouraging a responsible attitude toward change in the pursuit of Truth
  • Providing alumni services as a means of strengthening the ties with our common past
  • Emphasizing the duty of our teachers to direct their students’ activities with a sense of responsibility and to have them strive for what is true and just in willing cooperation with others
  • Expecting teachers to exemplify the behavior and moral values expected of the students
  • Encouraging parents to support and reinforce the values of honesty and integrity in their students’ academic performance and personal interactions
  • We encourage effective development and promote the student’s fullest aesthetic growth by fostering, within the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, an appreciation of individual worth. 

Academic Excellence

We encourage both critical and creative thinking and stimulate the student’s intellectual growth by:

  • Providing a formal study of the arts and sciences that recognizes the needs of a diverse student body
  • Encouraging a spirit of academic excellence
  • Offering a variety of activities that allow the students to explore other facets of the arts and sciences
  • Emphasizing that learning is not limited to the school environment or the school years
  • Fostering an awareness of college and career choices

We encourage the exercise of individual talents and promote the student’s physical, emotional, and social growth by

  • Providing curricular and extra-curricular activities which stimulate physical and emotional health, individual integrity, and self-respect
  • Challenging leadership potential
  • Encouraging a sense of social responsibility, a generous spirit, and an unselfish service toward neighbor in the spiritual and corporal works of mercy
  • Creating an atmosphere in which friendship can flourish

Profile of Saint Anthony’s High School Graduates

Saint Anthony’s High School seeks to mold a balanced individual, shaping the mind, exercising the body and inspiring the spirit. Therefore upon Graduation, our students will:


  • Our Roman Catholic Faith.
  • The Gospel ideals of St. Francis.
  • Spiritual and Corporal works of mercy, love for creation, and respect for life in all its forms.
  • A demanding academic environment and education as a life long learning process.
  • The freedom afforded to them as citizens of the United States of America.

Be Able To

  • Problem solve, communicate effectively and distinguish between perception and Truth.
  • Think globally, creatively and critically and have an appreciation for both the Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • Make sacrifices for what they believe in and have the courage to stand up against injustice.


  • They are called to become the spiritual and visionary leaders needed to transform our world, our nation and our society.
  • In love and appreciation of the United States of America.
  • In altruism, volunteerism, and the willingness to meet the social challenges of today.
  • In acceptance, respect and love for others.

Saint Anthony’s High School was founded by the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn in 1933. When Saint Anthony’s High School opened its doors, it brought to Long Island an 800-year-old Franciscan tradition of excellence in education. Founded on the Franciscan principle, “Capture the heart and the mind will follow,” our school encourages young men and women to nurture their moral, intellectual, aesthetic and physical abilities in an atmosphere of faith, respect and encouragement. 

Saint Anthony’s provides a challenging academic program in a Roman Catholic co-educational, college preparatory atmosphere for students in grades 9 – 12. Located in the suburban community of South Huntington, New York, our community is a true representation of the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of Long Island, as our students travel from over 100 school districts between Manhattan and Montauk.

Saint Anthony’s student’s experience an intense academic, artistic and athletic curricula with a strong emphasis on Catholic values. We strive to prepare and inspire students to apply the gospel message to all areas of their lives. Encouraging all to think, to question, and to analyze in order to take their place as productive, cultured and educated Christians. Those enrolled graduate to attend some of the most prestigious and selective colleges and universities throughout the country!

Admission is selective and based upon the results of the High School Entrance Examination administered to 8th grade students.  Students who achieve above average test scores, demonstrate the ability to succeed in a competitive college preparatory environment, and show a strong desire to attend Saint Anthony’s receive admittance. Approximately 600 students are enrolled from the 1800 applicants each year. All students are required to complete a New York State Regents academic program.

Saint Anthony’s recognizes that true education is directed towards the formation of the whole person and, to be authentic, education must embrace a broad range of issues. Such an environment fosters the spiritual values of our Roman Catholic faith and the physical, moral, intellectual and aesthetic development of each student, and develops a capacity for sound judgement, that prepares each student to take an active role in society.

Saint Anthony’s High School is committed to nurturing the individual capabilities and unique talents of all members of the educational community and preparing them for their futures. 

The basic curriculum at Saint Anthony’s includes required courses in:

  • Theology
  • Guidance
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Foreign Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Physical Education 
  • Health
  • Electives (Senior Year)                     

Class periods are 40 minutes, 40 weeks per year.

Saint Anthony’s High School is a full four-year academic high school.  All students must complete their course requirements during these four years of their education.  There is no provision for an early graduation, regardless of the courses previously taken and passed at another school.

Saint Anthony’s High School offers Honors and Advanced Placement courses to students who qualify. In addition to electives in each of the disciplines, Saint Anthony’s partners with Long Island University, St. Joseph’s College and Saint Francis College to offer college-credit bearing courses.

The requirements for graduation exceed all New York State requirements for a Regents Diploma.  Academic departments that administer Regents Examinations develop appropriate curricula that encompass all of the content and performance standards set by New York State.  Students enrolled in a Regents course are required to take the Regents examination.  Overall student performance on these exams is significantly above state averages.  These examinations provide an objective measure by which our students can be compared to others in New York State.

Regents Examinations, however, do not test our students with the rigor required by the courses themselves.  Our courses are more comprehensive and tests given during the year are designed to measure a higher level of proficiency than that required by the Regents standards.  The grade on the Regents examination is not an independent indicator of an individual’s success in a course; it must be viewed in conjunction with and secondary to the teacher’s yearlong assessment of the student’s achievement and the grades on the final exam.

With a passing grade of 75, all students are expected to pursue a high standard of excellence. Students whose final grade average in a course is below 75 must attend summer school and earn a 75 or better to return to Saint Anthony’s. Any student who fails more than three courses in one year will not be permitted to return for the following academic year. It is a source of great pride at Saint Anthony’s that almost every student moves on to a college or university, many of them receiving National Merit Letters of Commendation and millions of dollars in college and university scholarships.

Saint Anthony’s High School is chartered by the State of New York and is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.


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