Updated August 31, 2021

The goal for our iPad program for Saint Anthony’s High School is to provide our students with the technological skills required to be successful in an ever-growing digital collegiate and work environment.  These devices are not intended to replace the personal face-to-face interaction in the classroom.  However, they are important tools that the SAHS student must be proficient with in order to prepare students for their future endeavors.

iPads are issued to students, but remain property of Saint Anthony’s High School. Each SAHS student is responsible for care and good judgment when using this equipment. All students must also adhere to the general Terms of Use found on our website.


Guidelines are as follows:

  1. All students will be provided a wifi enabled iPad with a keyboard case. 
  2. Devices are associated with students either upon initialization of the device or reassignment of a device by SAHS Tech Department.
  3. iPad device serial numbers and correlating student user accounts will be stored in the SAHS Apple School Manager and JAMF accounts.
  4. The iPad is assigned to the student for the duration of his/her enrollment at Saint Anthony’s High School or until it is removed from inventory. The iPad must be surrendered to Saint Anthony’s High School in appropriate working condition prior to graduation, transfer, or at the request of the SAHS Administration or Tech Department.
  5. Any physical damage, intentional or not, or loss of iPad will be reported to the SAHS Technology Department immediately.
  6. The iPad may be taken off-premises by the student.
  7. The iPad is sensitive to moisture and extreme heat. It must not be left in a car or location where it will be damaged and must be kept dry and away from sources of water such as sinks, bathtubs and pools.
  8. iPads are to be connected to power, reliable wifi, and turned on every night so that they may receive updates.
  9. iPads may be selected at random for inspection/collection by the Tech Department to confirm compliance to all Saint Anthony’s High School Acceptable Use Policies and Guidelines or other maintenance issues. 
  10. Specific inspection/collection/device loaner protocol information will be delivered to students via email as per each device collection event.
  11. Student must be prepared to attend their classes without their device if necessary.
  12. Every effort must be made by students to prolong the conditions of their devices.
  13. The student understands that if she/he is found to be the cause of deliberate damage or loss of the iPad she/he will be responsible for repair/replacement cost not to exceed fair market value.