When Saint Anthony’s High School opened its doors in 1933, it brought to Long Island, New  York an 800-year-old Franciscan tradition of excellence in education. Founded on the Franciscan principle, “Capture the heart and the mind will follow,” this Roman Catholic college preparatory school encourages young men and women to nurture their moral, intellectual, aesthetic and physical faculties in an atmosphere of faith, respect and encouragement. The Saint. Anthony’s community continues to provide challenging academic programs rooted in the Catholic tradition for high school level students.
Saint Anthony’s student’s experience an intense academic, artistic and athletic curricula with a strong emphasis on Catholic values. We strive to prepare and inspire students to apply the gospel message to all areas of their lives. Encouraging all to think, to question, and to analyze in order to take their place as productive, cultured and educated Christians. Those enrolled graduate to attend some of the most prestigious and selective colleges and universities throughout the country!

Saint Anthony’s recognizes that true education is directed towards the formation of the whole person and, to be authentic, education must embrace a broad range of issues. Such an environment fosters the spiritual values of our Roman Catholic faith and the physical, moral, intellectual and aesthetic development of each student, and develops a capacity for sound judgement, that prepares each student to take an active role in society.
Saint. Anthony’s High School is committed to nurturing the individual capabilities and unique talents of all members of the educational community and preparing them for the rapid changes of the information age.