Math placement for incoming 9th grade students at St. Anthony’s is based on a few different factors.


Families are encouraged to speak to faculty members from the Mathematics Department at the Accepted Student Open House time slots on Zoom to help answer any questions you may have. 


ALL STUDENTS must take the Math Placement Test on Thursday, March 17th, 2022 at 3:30 PM online.

Upon completion of the exam, students will receive the recommendation for the math course for their freshman year.


8th Grade Students Currently taking Regents Algebra

(including the Regents exam and the Common Core)

Please download the following forms. (You may also pick up these forms at Accepted Student Open House)

8th Grade Students taking Pre-Algebra or 8th Grade Math

Based on the student’s score on the Math section of the entrance exam, students will either be recommended for Integrated Algebra or Transitional Algebra. Since schools may not disclose specific test results to students of their families, students and families who visit the Math table at either Accepted Student Open House or Incoming Freshman Course Selection day will simply be told that they are either recommended for Integrated Algebra or Transitional Algebra.

Please download the following two forms, or pick them up at the Math table at Accepted Student Open House, for more information regarding your math placement.

8th grade students taking Regents Geometry or beyond

For those taking Regents Geometry or beyond please click the button to download the related form.