This innovative program, unique to Saint Anthony’s High School, is designed for exceptional Science students dedicated to the mastery of advanced principles in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering (STEM) and committed to reinforcing their knowledge through both laboratory and theoretical research. The four-year program outlined below will allow our high school students to learn Science at the college level and supplement their knowledge with creative experimentation. As students progress through Science Research they will be given opportunities to present their findings through participation in competitions such as The Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology, The International Science and Engineering Fair and The Regeneron Science Talent Search. Upon successful completion of the Science Scholars Program, a notation will be placed on each student’s permanent transcript to include this unique honor. Additionally, each scholar will receive the Brother Roger Bacon Award at graduation, recognizing this outstanding achievement.


Program outline:

9th grade     AP Biology and Independent Research Honors

10th grade   AP Chemistry and Independent Research Honors

11th grade   AP Physics 1 and Independent Research Honors

12th grade   AP Physics 2 OR any one of the following: AP Computer Science,

                    AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics or AP Psychology           

                          AND Independent Research Honors

Please see the information regarding AP courses and Independent Research Honors in the Course Selection Booklet.  The Science Department will hold a placement exam on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 for those students who are interested in the Saint Anthony’s Science Scholars Program.

Science News:

St. Anthony’s only Catholic high school in the state with National Semi-finalist in Siemens Competition:

St. Anthony’s only Catholic high school in the state with National Semi-finalist in Regeneron Science Talent Search:

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