This innovative program, The Science Scholars Program, unique to Saint Anthony’s High School, is designed for exceptional science students dedicated to the mastery of advanced principles in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering (STEM) and committed to reinforcing their knowledge through both laboratory and theoretical research. The four-year program outlined below will allow our high school students to learn science at the college level and supplement their knowledge with creative experimentation. As students progress through The Science Scholars Program they will be given opportunities to present their findings through participation in competitions such as The Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Competition, The Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair and The Regeneron Science Talent Search. Upon successful completion of the Science Scholars Program, a notation will be placed on each student’s permanent transcript highlighting this unique honor. Additionally, students who earn nine Science Scholar Points accumulated through performance on the AP Science Exams and professional laboratory experience will also receive the Brother Roger Bacon Award at graduation, recognizing this outstanding achievement.

Program outline:

9th grade     AP Biology and AP Seminar

10th grade   AP Chemistry and AP Research

11th grade   AP Physics 1 and Independent Research Honors

12th grade   AP Physics 2 OR any one of the following: AP Computer Science,

                    AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics or AP Psychology           

                          AND Independent Research Honors

Please see the information regarding AP courses and Independent Research Honors in the Course Selection Booklet.  The Science Department offers a placement exam in the Spring for those students who are interested qualifying for the Saint Anthony’s Science Scholars Program.

The Susan & Gerald O’Shea Innovation Center

The Susan and Gerald O’Shea Innovation Center at Saint Anthony’s High School is a space in the school where students can get hands on experience with equipment, tools, and technology to create authentic STEM projects. Located on the second floor, this room will serve as a makerspace and classroom with the purpose of supplying individuals and groups with a space, resources (equipment/materials), as well as education and support to create nearly any projects they can imagine. These projects will include, but are not limited to, inventions, robots, prototypes, experimental apparatus, art, furniture, software/apps, or any other idea which they wish to bring to fruition.

The Susan and Gerald O’Shea Innovation Center was designed to facilitate collaboration and creative problem solving. The Innovation Center includes digital fabrication technology ranging from 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machines as well as traditional tools. The space includes a full class set of computers allowing students to design and simulate projects digitally and code their own programs, websites, and apps. This will be a space where students learn by doing. A place where they can imagine, design, and create.

With The Susan and Gerald O’Shea Innovation Center now established, we plan on getting as many students and teachers using the space as possible. In addition to having a class in the space each period, we also plan on having the space open before and after school every day for any students who wish to work on projects for class or their own independent projects. We have expanded our Engineering Curriculum and professional development to help teachers find ways to integrate even more STEM experiences into our existing courses. Next summer, we will offer a STEM camp for upper elementary and middle school students, which will also help to attract more students to the program. We would also like to partner with our Future Business Leaders Initiative to create a Saint Anthony’s Startup Incubator, where members of the Saint Anthony’s community would be able to use the space to develop prototypes and products, while current students would be able to get real world, hands on industry experience. This project will expand our Integrated STEM Program, give students more opportunities for authentic learning experiences in STEM and create a culture of creativity and collaboration at Saint Anthony’s.

William & Christine Entenmann Science Center

The new Science Center consists of:

> Five New Purpose Built Laboratories
> Two New Prep Rooms
> One Research Laboratory
> Nine Science Classrooms
> Lecture Space
> Incorporate the Latest Technology Throughout the Facility
> Collocate All of the Science Curriculum to Better Serve:

Anatomy | Biology | Chemistry | Earth Science Environmental Science | Forensics | Marine Biology Physics | Science Research

St. Francis Hospital Medical Education Lab

The Saint Francis Hospital Medical Education Lab at Saint Anthony’s is the first program of its kind in New York State, providing students with unparalleled exposure to state-of-the-art equipment, services and medical care.