Visual Arts Summary

Saint Anthony’s High School Visual Arts Program offers a variety of classes for those interested in all types of visual communication and expression. Through direct observation, practiced study, revision, and creative connection-building, students in traditional and digital media courses learn to analyze, interpret, and synthesize visual works to effectively represent and communicate ideas in two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of their own design.

Incoming freshmen can choose Studio in Art for classes in traditional drawing and painting, or Studio in Media Arts to learn how to utilize the computer as a tool for making art and visual designs.

Saint Anthony’s offers an impressive selection of half-credit and full credit electives for students to continue experimenting, honing their skills, and finding their voice in: Drawing & Painting, Ceramics, Digital Illustration & Design, Intro to 3D Modeling, Portfolio Prep Honors, Digital Photography, Film Production, and Film Appreciation. Additionally, students can seek to earn college credit in AP 2D Art & Design and AP Art History classes. 

For more information on each of these classes, please visit the links below.