8th graders interested in applying the the Class of 2024 should register for the Catholic High School Entrance Exam at www.chsee.org. Students take the entrance exam do not need to submit an online application. 

As part of the admissions process, Saint Anthony’s seeks young men and women who have interest and motivation in the following areas:

  • Increasing their faith
  • Refining their moral fibre
  • Preparing themselves for admission to life in the academic and social world of the future

For those entering the ninth grade, an examination (CHSEE) is given through the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Applications to take this exam are usually available beginning in September from the local Catholic elementary school, parish center or high school. The entrance examination itself is offered on a Saturday in the Fall, and is listed on our calendar.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
― Aristotle

In the event that an eighth grade student does not take the exam, or for admission into the tenth or eleventh grade, an Application Form must be submitted. It is rare that a student is accepted for transfer into the Senior year.

The Admissions Application Form lists the information we require in order to review the application. Sophomore or Junior year applicants must be enrolled in a college preparatory or Regents level program and be studying either French or Spanish or have successfully completed and taken the third level Regents Examination in any language. Students may begin a language after admission. Our passing grade is 75% in all subjects. A final mark below 75% results in dismissal unless a minimum of 75% is obtained in that subject in an accredited high school during the summer. Saint Anthony’s operates a summer school program for all subjects taught at the school. Saint Anthony’s does not provide transportation for this program.

All of last year’s graduating Seniors were accepted to colleges and universities throughout the USA. 75% these graduating Seniors received grants and/or scholarships valued at over $25 million dollars.