Saint Anthony’s High School prides itself on maintaining a balance between technology and traditional teaching methods.  We recognize the need for the advancement of our students’ technological proficiencies that have an ever-increasing value in today’s collegiate and work environments.  Our campus is structured to ensure that we afford our students every opportunity to develop their technological proficiencies.  (see information below)

Our academic focus is not the mandated provision of yet another electronic device into our students’ lives.  Technologically speaking, our goal is to provide access to the latest technologies as per the curriculum required within each class.  Tech usage for Saint Anthony’s High School students is moderated on a class by class basis and is incorporated when needed as per our teachers’ discretions.  This mindset enables them to optimize a well-rounded learning experience.  

Saint Anthony’s High School is careful not to fall into “buzz word” mentality (“1:1 environment”, “Smart Board Friendly Classes”) that can dilute our core goals as Roman Catholic Franciscan educators and mentors.  Our students enroll into our school for the values and education we instill into their hearts and minds rather than a device we put into their hands.  We look forward to maintaining this balance of current technology trends and traditional values for each of our incoming freshmen classes.  It is our sincere hope that this balance continues with each student as they progress in their educational careers.

Mr. Rick Mescallado
IT Director, Saint Anthony’s High School


Technology at St. Anthony’s High School

New Classrooms and Labs:

  • New $9 million Science Center
  • 16 new classrooms, labs, and Friarquest Science Research room.
  • New Anatomage digital cadaver table installed in Science Center


  • 2x PRUSA I3 MK3S 3D printer
  • 1x CNC Router (don’t know the brand name)
  • 1x Occulus Rift VR Headset
  • 1x Glowforge 3D Laser Printer
  • 1x Cricut Printer (with multiple cutting & drawing attachments)

Friar Media

  • 4K Panasonic Camcorder for livestreaming and broadcasting with off-camera monitor
  • Insta360 OneX 360º 5.7K camera
  • Canon 7D Mark II with wide-aperture lenses
  • Additional camera stabilizers and tripods


Technology in the Curriculum:

  • St. Anthony’s offers the following courses:
    • AP Computer Science A
    • AP Computer Principles
    • Scientific Computing – Honors
  • St. Anthony’s offers the following extracurricular opportunities:
    • Girls Who Code
    • Robotics Club
    • Rocket and Aviation Club
    • Gaming Club

Technology in the Classroom:

  • 20 classrooms equipped with new Tru-Touch Smart-Board technologies
  • 10 Mobile Computer Labs with over 800 Chromebooks for classroom use
  • (120) Chromebooks available in School Library
  • (2) Mobile iPad carts
  • All classrooms have wireless connectivity and projectors
  • Art Department has new Digital Arts Program with the most current software available
  • Complete WiFi throughout the entire school updated in 2015
  • Private internet connection for clubs – gaming club – programming clubs
  • Remote printing on 4th floor and Library