Mission Statement

Saint Anthony’s High School is a Roman Catholic, Franciscan, college preparatory school, that provides students with a quality foundation for the future. Rooted in the seraphic principle “Capture the heart and the mind will follow” (St. Bonaventure). Our mission is to educate young men and women on their journey towards Truth.

Guidance Program 

Saint Anthony’s Guidance Department meets with students as a class each year. Students have the opportunity to meet with their counselor once every seven days during their assigned semester of guidance and on an individual basis.

Freshmen and Seniors meet during the Fall Semester allowing students to discuss the adjustment to high school and the college application process. Sophomores and Juniors meet during the Spring Semester allowing students to reestablish contact with their counselor. 

Students are divided into small groups facilitated by their assigned guidance counselor, with a different topic being discussed each class. Counselors work to establish a rapport with their students and offer individual assistance where needed. 

Freshmen Outline

Freshmen are divided into small groups facilitated by their assigned guidance counselor. The counselor leads freshmen in discussion regarding the adjustment to high school, the guidance program and the support services available. The counselor works to establish rapport with each student and offers academic and emotional support as necessary.  Additional group topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Effective Study Skills
  • Exploring Identity
  • Social/Emotional Learning
  • Academic Review
  • Naviance Introduction
  • Goal Setting
  • Effective Communication
  • Course Selection for Sophomore year

Sophomore Outline

Sophomore groups strive to reestablish contact between student and counselor with a main theme on career exploration. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Junior year Course Selection
  • Academic Progress 
  • Re-introduction to Naviance 
  • Career Assessments and Exploration
  • PSAT Results and SAT/ACT Preparation
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Appropriate Social Media
  • Social/Emotional Learning

Junior Outline

Junior groups strive to reestablish contact between student and counselor with a main theme on college readiness and preparation. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Senior Course Selection
  • Re-Introduction to Naviance 
  • SAT/ACT Test Preparation
  • College Essay
  • Academic Review
  • Resume Building
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • College Application introduction
  • College Visits
  • Social Emotional Learning

Senior Outline

Counselors provide students with instruction regarding the college application process. Comprehensive review of the mechanics of the application process is focused on supporting students with assuming the responsibility of completing and managing their college application materials. Additional topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Application Workshop
  • Stress Management
  • Transitioning to college life (both socially and academically)
  • Financial Aid Overview
  • College Interviews
  • Social Emotional Learning

Counseling and Support Services Staff 

Mrs. Katie McGinty, Acting Chairperson Guidance Department/Asst. Director of College Counseling


Ext. 264

Mr. Gerard Spennato, Guidance Counselor 


Ext. 245

Ms. Amanda Barry, Guidance Counselor 


Ext. 249

Mrs. Sherien Cheuk, Guidance Counselor


Ext. 248

Mr. Joseph Van Roten, Guidance Counselor


Ext. 247

Ms. Michelle Rueb, Guidance Counselor


Ext. 250

Dr. Jean Burnbaum, School Psychologist 


Ext. 244

Dr. Friend Burton, School Social Worker 


Ext. 277

Mrs. Cathy Donnelly, Academic Counselor


Ext. 211

Mrs. Gols, Assistant to the Chairperson Guidance Department 


Ext. 246