Covid Test Tracking & Masking Protocol F.A.Q.

    1. How is exposure defined?
      Exposed students are those who meet the definition of a “close contact” to an individual with COVID-19. A close contact is a person, regardless of vaccination status, who was less than 6 feet away from an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period (for example, three individual 5-minute exposures for a total of 15 minutes). 
    2. When should an individual be isolated?
      Symptomatic individuals who are not tested must be excluded from school for at least 5 days following onset of symptoms and until they are fever-free for at least 24 hours without use of fever-reducing medication and other symptoms are improving. After returning to school, they must wear a mask for days 6-10. 
    3. If an exposed person is allowed to attend school, should they wear a mask?
      Exposed individuals should mask in school and while in indoor public spaces for 10 days after exposure. 
    4. Should a student or teacher at higher risk of severe COVID-19 mask routinely?
      Individuals should consult with their healthcare provider to determine whether and when they should mask routinely, such as in school or as part of certain activities. Immunocompromised individuals are welcome to wear N95 masks. 
    5. Does the new mask guidance apply to extracurricular activities?
    6. Can wearing masks in a school setting be optional and left up to the parent of the student, the student, or to the employee?
      Individuals returning to school after completing 5 days of isolation are required to mask in school and in indoor public spaces on Days 6-10. Individuals who are exposed or potentially exposed should wear a mask for 10 days in school and in indoor public spaces. 
    7. Is unmonitored home testing acceptable to meet the testing recommendations for exposed or potentially exposed individuals?
      Yes. Both positive and negative home tests may be considered for tracking and attendance purposes when schools are tracking testing. 
  • When is a student or faculty/staff member required to perform home testing?

      At least 5 days after the last date of exposure or potential exposure,regardless of vaccination  status, If the individual is not fully vaccinated and attending or working at school after an exposure or potential exposure, frequent testing (e.g., daily, every other day, at least twice within 5 days)  from the date of the exposure or potential exposure (Day 0) through at least day 5 should be  strongly considered and encouraged.  Exclude from school if a test is positive and/or exclude from school and test as soon as possible  if symptoms develop.

      Exception: Individuals with lab-confirmed COVID-19 within the past 3 months do not need to get  tested unless they develop symptoms.

How do I access the home test documentation form?
SAHS students and faculty/staff can access this form by visiting the following webpage: