Saint Anthony’s Leadership Team is an organization that assists the incoming Freshman in their transition to high school. It is the goal of SALT to make this transition a more pleasurable experience. Countless activities are available through the SALT program – Summer Interaction, Freshman Adventureland Trip, Freshman Dance and the joint SALT/Freshman Toy Drive. During the summer, upperclassmen meet with the Freshman to answer questions or concerns for the incoming students or their parents.

Membership is limited to one year over the course of three years.

Membership applications are available for Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors in the spring for the following year. It is important to have a balance between the male and female students by nature of the club’s responsibilities. There is a bonding between upperclassmen and the freshmen that is unmatched anywhere. SALT members wear the designated SALT tie during the first three weeks of school so the Freshmen can identify them if they were to need information. SALT has become an intergral and valued part of the Saint Anthony’s High School family.