Follow the steps below to update your information on the SAHS Infinite Campus Portal.

Step 1. Log into SAHS Infinite Campus Portal

Visit the SAHS website login page to access your Infinite Campus portal account.  Only individuals listed as “Guardians” will have permissions to update this data.   For password reset instructions please visit

Please visit SAHS Portal Support online form for any other assistance required with your account.

Step 2.  Household Information

Click Household Information to update the PRIMARY email address and phone number used for correspondences from Saint Anthony’s High School.  There can only be one set of PRIMARY information listed per household account.  Please note that other guardians can be notified with school messages and alerts via Contact Preferences tab.

Step 3.  Family Members

Family Members tab will list all members within a specific household.  Guardian contact order (who gets the message first) and individual relationships to household students can be modified on this page.  The addition of other members to a household must be submitted by a listed guardian via Portal Clarification Form.   The email address used to submit the modification of household information must match the primary guardian’s listed email in the SAHS account.

Step 4.  Account Settings

Account Settings tab will allow acount holders to reset their own login information.

Visit for password reset instructions.

Step 5.  Contact Preferences

Use Contact Preferences to define specific alert notification settings for each contact method listed in a portal account.

Step 6.  Notification Settings

Notification Settings allows configuration of academic activity alerts (assignment scores, attendance, grade updates).