The “Colors of Light” Stained Glass Window Campaign

The wonderfully radiant colored light increases with the addition of each new stained glass window here at Our Lady of the Angels Chapel, Saint Anthony’s High School.

The process of creating these windows begins with a generous gift by a patron.  Each patron chooses the saint to be represented.  As it has been done throughout the history of art, the faces of the saints are the faces of a cherished person who has passed or a beloved family member still part of the patron’s family.

These windows become the artistic collaboration of the artist, Jennifer Baldwin-Schafer, a member of the Saint Anthony’s faculty, and Wilmark Studios, the fabricator.  The images are created by the artist using photographs supplied by the patron and research to accurately portray the saint.  Symbols are used to support the saint’s identity within the hands, robes and circle at the top of the composition.

There are a total of 39 stained glass windows available in our Chapel.  To date, sixteen are completed and one is in production for a total of seventeen.

For information contact:  Don Corrao, Director of Development, (631)271-2020 ext.284

Stewardship at Saint Anthony's

Because you are important to us and we appreciate every gift you make to Saint Anthony’s, we promise:

  • Your gifts will be acknowledged in a timely manner
  • All gifts that are restricted will be used specifically for that purpose
  • Appropriate recognition will always be offered to you as a donor and subject to your final approval
  • All gifts will be accounted for in coordination with the Treasurer’s Office using generally accepted accounting principles