Altar Servers volunteer their time to demonstrate their faith as they serve all the liturgical celebrations that we have in our school. They collaborate with the Chaplain of Saint Anthony’s, Father Khoa Le and the Master of Liturgical Ceremonies, Brother Robert Gabriel, O.S.F.

Aware that the celebration of Mass is the best way to pray and worship God, the Altar Server knows that by serving the Holy Mass we serve God Himself and know that being at the Altar is a privilege and a great responsibility. By his own example each server helps and encourages other students to pray and participate at the Holy Mass. We pray by listening to the words of the Sacred Scripture, the Priest’s prayers and to the choir. We also pray by responding and singing during the celebration of Mass.

The student serving the Altar is an example to other students. During the Sacred Rite of Mass, the Altar Service is recollected, while standing, sitting and kneeling, holds one’s hands folded; knows how to genuflect and how to participate reverently in the celebration of Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. They know that the best way to listen to God’s call to the priesthood is to serve Him at the Holy Altar.

Altar Servers 

  • Assist the Chaplain & Sacristan at Mass
  • Open to ALL grades
  • Due: Rolling throughout the year
  • Training: As you serve Mass – Chapel

* Moderator: Br. Robert Gabriel, OSF


*** Google Classroom Code = rngwmso