Monday Update


March 16, 2020



Dear Saint Anthony’s Family,

Well, our Second day of students and families arriving for books and supplies went rather well. I do hope that you are all preparing for our Virtual Learning. I am asking you to be patient with this new process since it is NEW to ALL of Us. I am certain that there will be challenges and I ask that if you have questions please contact the teacher directly.

Since we are Now in a VIRTUAL SCHOOL MODE, I want to give you a list of Extensions that you may call, when you have Questions. Once you call the school number 1-631-271-2020 use these EXTENSIONS:

  • Attendance: x225

  • Administration: x221

  • Admissions: x226

  • Alumni: x310

  • Athletics: x268

  • College Office: x243

    Development: x214

  • Guidance: x250

  • Registrar: x266

  • Scheduling: x219

  • Treasurer: x262

  • Technology: x323


Beginning tomorrow at 8:00 AM, students can go to Google Classroom to find their lessons and assignments for Day 3 in the Academic Cycle. All assignments must be submitted by 5:00 PM tomorrow evening. Students will have the freedom to pace themselves throughout this nine hour window. Teachers have been instructed not to give any scheduled lessons, assignments or video conferences with students this week. However, the Academic Council is discussing these options for next week. I will certainly apprise you of any updates in this arena.


The Guidance Department has some important information to share with all of you during this time of Virtual School, please see the Attached Links as a means to assist you and your family.

Guidance Plans
Method Test Prep
Managing Coronavirus Anxiety


The Deans’ Office has informed me that ALL DETENTIONS scheduled from March 16-27 are Absolved. Character Point Deductions and Infraction Reports will Remain on the Students’ Records; However the Requirement to Attend is Abrogated.

On a similar note, on Sunday a student asked me if he should take home his blazer. I told him that would not be necessary, since Brother Joshua would NOT be making home visits to check on Dress Code. The look on the child and parent’s faces was Priceless and they Thanked me for trying to bring some humor during these difficult days.

This is Not a time for gatherings with friends, it is a time to stay close to home and remain close to your family. We all must be vigilant not to spread the virus. Again Please Do not spend time in large gatherings.

Finally, I want to thank the Members of the Administration who have been here working so very hard to keep us on track; the Faculty who are spending many hours preparing for the Virtual School component; our Maintenance and Security Staff who is present each day making sure that the school has a most safe environment; members of our staff who have volunteered time coming in to check mail, phones etc. Most of all I thank you Our Parents, Guardians, Students and Extended Family members who are being so patient and understanding these days.


God’s greatest gift to each of us is Your Child. Let us together call upon God to protect them and care for them. May Our Patron Saint Anthony give us all the Strength we need to see us through this crisis. Praying for you every day, if you get a moment say one for me. I am blessed to share these days with you.


In Saint Anthony, Our Patron,

Brother David Anthony Migliorino, OSF