2018 Spring Sports Participants Please Read Below Regarding Your Spring Sports Clearance

If you are enrolled on Appryse for the 2017-2018 school year, please refer to the email you received regarding Spring Sports Clearance. If not please see below.

In order to be cleared for a Spring Sport you MUST:

  1. Enroll on Appryse for the 2017-2018 School Year
  2. Have an up-to-date physical on file with the nurse.

After your enrollment is reviewed and accepted by the school nurse you will receive an email stating: “Appryse Enrollment Accepted.” After receiving the confirmation email you MUST complete the following two steps.


**Please read Step by Step Directions Below

Student Athletes who plan on playing a Spring Sport MUST enroll on Appryse for the 2017-2018 school year. (If you previously enrolled on Appryse in the 2016-2017 school year, you must sign in to your account using the same email address and click on the button “Re-enroll for New Year” for each child).

The link to enroll or update your Appryse account is:



Important notes before enrollment

  • Questions or problems during enrollment should be directed to Appryse. Click the “Contact Support” button on the Appryse website.
  • Appryse Physical Forms can be found on your Appryse account after you have completed the enrollment process. Please encourage your doctor to use the approved Appryse physical form that has your son or daughter’s unique bar code. The parent or doctor should either fax the Appryse physical form to the number at the top of the physical form, or upload it directly to Appryse by scanning and clicking on the button “Upload Completed Form.”
  • Do NOT fax in a non-Appryse form, as this will not be recognized by the
    Appryse system & will NOT be received. It must be the approved Appryse
    doctor’s physical form and must include the Appryse bar code included on the Appryse doctor’s physical form. You can download a blank for each of your children by clicking on each child’s “Download Blank Form” button
  • You can only upload the single-page Appryse physical form. We will not have access to multiple forms that are faxed or uploaded. Do not include attachments such as immunization forms, as the Appryse system only recognizes the single Appryse physical form, which already has a section for immunizations.
  • All other medical forms must be submitted to the St. Anthony’s School Nurse (immunization forms if not using the Appryse physical form, in school medication forms, doctor’s notes, etc.)

**If your enrollment was declined, you will receive an email requesting additional information.

Choosing a Sport

  • To choose a sport, click on the green Tryout/Activities button found on the Parent Home Page. The green Tryout/Activities button will not show until your enrollment is accepted.
  • When you have successfully chosen a sport it will show on the Parent Home Page

Sports Insurance Fee: YOU CAN NOW PAY ONLINE

  • Visit the St. Anthony’s Website: https://www.stanthonyshs.org/
  • Click on Sports Insurance Payments found in the Athletics Dropdown Menu
  • Follow directions to submit your $25 payment