The Newly Redesigned

College Essay Writing Workshop

Prep for Success

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6  June  2019

Dear Junior Parents and Guardians,

From our personal and professional experience, writing the college essays has become a dreaded and stressful task for high school seniors.  We have witnessed firsthand the toll this can take on the students we encounter as a teacher. “I don’t even know where to begin!” is the most common response we receive when questioning students about the subject.  As a result, seven years ago we initiated the College Essay Writing Workshop.


This year we have redesigned our workshop to include not only the common application essay, but also the sometimes more important supplementary essays.  Supplementary essays are required by many colleges and give admission officers the chance to further get to know students.  They are also great gauges for demonstrated interest in their college choices.


Our workshop begins with a 3-hour group session at St. Anthony’s High School. Students will be assigned a college essay-writing consultant who will take students through the concept formation of their college essay. We are teachers who have combined experience in the classroom as well as being essay writing consultants for over 25 years. Students will be strategically matched with a writing consultant according to their topics and needs. Many colleges have similar prompts, which will allow the writing consultant to teach your student how to redesign their supplementary essays to fit the needs of multiple schools.


The student will then continue with one on one sessions (in person and through electronic communication) with their essay specialist as needed to complete the task of getting their essays ready to completion. This process will focus on rough draft revisions and composing the final draft of their essays.


The combination of teaching the techniques of essay writing, coupled with individual one on one consultant sessions, has been the success of this well-established program.  Our goal is accommodating all interested students, so please contact us if you and your student have any special requests or needs. We are very excited and eager to meet your students and get the process started.

Ms. Lisa Seewagen

Ms. Nancy Tufano

Ms. Kellaigh Malangone

College Essay Writing Consultants


Teachers and staff are working as independent contractors for Prep for Success