Friar for a Day – Saint Anthony’s Shadowing Program



The Saint Anthony’s High School Shadowing Program is aimed at introducing prospective students to the school by allowing them to experience a school day with a current student. Shadowing is only recommended for those students who are unfamiliar with the school or unsure whether Saint Anthony’s is the right school for them.

Who’s Eligible to Shadow

The only students eligible to shadow at Saint Anthony’s are eighth graders who have a legitimate interest in attending Saint Anthony’s in ninth grade. Therefore, shadows must either have registered for the CHSEE, taken the test or submitted the Saint Anthony’s application (This only applies to students who missed the CHSEE).


Shadow Hosts

Students seeking to host shadows must:

  1. be a current ninth grader
  2. have a character rating of 90 or better
  3. have an 80% or better average in every class
  4. attend a mandatory informational on shadow hosting

How to Sign Up to Shadow

Students interested in shadowing should have their parents email Mr. Basso in the admissions department at In the email parents should indicate: the student’s name, current school, academic and extra-curricular interests, and all available dates to shadow.

  • Please do NOT call the admissions office to schedule a shadow date. You will be directed to the website.
  • Please either sign up in advance and/or have multiple dates available as we are only allowed to have 1 boy and 1 girl shadow on each day.

Available Shadowing Dates

Shadow dates are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Sign up early in order to ensure a particular date.

Shadow Visit Dates 2017-2018

 * All September dates have been filled*

 * All October dates have been filled*

 * All November dates have been filled*

 * All December dates have been filled*

 * All January dates have been filled* 

 * All February dates have been filled

March 2018 – 14,15,16,21,22,23,

If interested in a shadowing day at St. Anthony’s HS in April or May, please email Mr. Jesse Basso for dates at

Procedures and Rules for Shadows

  1. All Shadows should arrive at 8:00 am and arrange to be picked up at 1:45pm. Shadows will meet their hosts in the Admissions Office.
  2. Shadows coming from private schools are required to wear their school uniform.
  3. Shadows coming from public schools must be dressed in attire commensurate to the Saint Anthony’s uniform:
    • Girls – Skirt worn to the knees; collared blouse with only the top button open; stockings; closed-toe dress shoes. Sweaters or blazers are permitted.
    • Boys – Dress slacks or khaki pants; button-down shirt and tie; dress shoes and belt. Sweaters or blazers are permitted.
    • Prohibited Clothing – Tee-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, hats, sneakers, Uggs, stretch pants.
  4. Shadows must adhere to all rules and policies in each classroom and throughout the school. Shadows are expected to be attentive participants in each class. Any incident of insubordination or disrespect shown by a shadow could affect his or her admission status.
  5. Shadows are encouraged to bring a book to read in case any classes you are visiting have a test scheduled.

Shadow Program Questionnaire

Please complete after your shadowing experience