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About The Friar Faithful

The Friar Faithful is an organization of students, faculty, alumni and parents who are responsible for promoting Saint Anthony’s High School to prospective students and their families. Members of Friar Faithful are devoted to the mission of Franciscan education and are always looking to spread the “good news” of Saint Anthony’s High School.

Students involved in Friar Faithful understand that their responsibilities extend beyond participation in certain mandatory school functions. Friar Faithful members are continually dedicated to the school they love by being positive examples, showing kindness towards others, and always seeking opportunities to serve.

“The objective of Friar Faithful is not to develop an exclusive organization, but rather to promote a unified movement of all of us who love Saint Anthony’s.”

All Saint Anthony’s students are welcome to join Friar Faithful.

Continued membership requires the following:

  1. 85% or higher cumulative grade point average.
  2. 90% or higher character rating.
  3. Fulfillment of annual service requirements.

New applicants in tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade may join the Friar Faithful (provided they fulfill the above requirements) by registering with Mr. Basso in the Admissions Office in the first two weeks of each new school year.

Freshman applicants joining Friar Faithful are required to attend an introductory meeting in mid-October. Freshmen must also fulfill the above requirements, as well as to do well in their shadow-hosting responsibilities to remain in Friar Faithful for future years.

Browse through the various services Friar Faithful provides:

Catholic Grammar School Visits (September-October) (9th-12th graders)

Each year, Saint Anthony’s students who are also alumni of various Catholic schools throughout Long Island, take trips back to their alma mater to speak to the 7th and 8th graders about their experiences at Saint Anthony’s. Our students share with the grammar school students their decision process in choosing Saint Anthony’s for their high school, as well as their experiences in and out of class.


Open House (October) (10th-12th graders)

Saint Anthony’s High School Open House, which is typically the first Sunday in October, attracts thousands of visitors. For many prospective students and families, this is their first opportunity to see what Saint Anthony’s High School is all about. Members of the Friar Faithful serve in planning and setting up for Open House and as tour leaders throughout the day. As excited as families are to see the amazing facilities and speak with faculty about all the opportunities Saint Anthony’s has to offer, the most common feedback we hear is, “Saint Anthony’s has the greatest students!” or “We loved our tour leader!” The Friar Faithful ensure that the first impression families receive from Saint Anthony’s is both positive and lasting.


8th Grade Shadows (October – April) (9th graders)

The Saint Anthony’s Shadowing Program, offers 8th graders the opportunity to experience a school day here at Saint Anthony’s. Freshmen members of Friar Faithful are matched up with 8th graders that either requested them or share common academic or extracurricular interests. Freshman members of Friar Faithful meet their shadows at 8:00am in the Library. They take the 8th graders to classes and introduce them to teachers and classmates. At the end of 7th period, right after the Angelus prayer, the shadow hosts drop the 8th graders back off to their parents in the Admissions Office. The Shadowing Program has been growing significantly in recent years, and the percentage of 8th graders who shadow and ultimately decide to come to Saint Anthony’s is over 85%. This is a real testament to the 9th grade teachers, freshman shadow hosts, and the school community as a whole.


Monthly School Tours (October – December) (9th -12th graders)

Friar Faithful members who are available and wish to sign up, may assist with monthly school tours given on a Wednesday afternoon in the months of October, November, and December. These tours are open to anyone interested in seeing the school. They are mainly attended by either 8th graders who missed Open House or potential transfer students.


Contacting Prospective Incoming Students (January) (9th-12th graders)

All members of Friar Faithful are asked to assist in contacting those 8th graders who receive acceptance letters to Saint Anthony’s in January. Friar Faithful students contact the prospective students by email and phone to congratulate and welcome them, as well as to help answer any questions they may have. Friar Faithful parents are also invited to help contact the parents of prospective students to welcome them to the school community, as well as to help them with any questions they have.


Accepted Student Open House (January) (9th-12th graders)

Accepted Student Open House serves as both a welcome to those newly accepted Friars, as well as an opportunity for those students still unsure about their high school decision to come see Saint Anthony’s. There are 3 Open House sessions, and members of Friar Faithful perform a variety of functions at each one. Whether giving a performance or speech in the auditorium, answering questions about a particular program or club, or just meeting with 8th graders to welcome them to the school and help answer their questions, the Friar Faithful are all present to welcome the next generation to the Friar Family.


Assisting Transfer Students (All Year) (9th-12th graders)

Throughout the school year, members of the Friar Faithful will be called upon to assist transfer students with getting acclimated to the school. Most of this is done informally and involves things like introducing transfer students to current students and teachers and helping them navigate around the school. In the summer, when Saint Anthony’s usually registers approximately 50 new transfer students, Friar Faithful members are matched up with new students and are responsible for contacting them in the summer and helping them get adjusted academically and socially to Saint Anthony’s.


Challenger Sports Program (All Year) (9th-12th graders)

Thanks to the efforts of the Director of Challenger Lax inc., Mr. Ray Samson, and Class of 2015 Senior Class President, Stephen DeSimone, Saint Anthony’s began hosting Challenger Sports Camps for children with special needs on Wednesday afternoons in the summer of 2014. Over 100 members of the Friar Faithful volunteered to pair up with a Challenger athlete and participate in a variety of sports. The program was a huge hit for both the Challenger athletes as well as the Friar Faithful. The next step of setting up Challenger Clinics during the school year began with the Varsity Soccer team hosting the Challenger athletes this fall. More Saint Anthony’s teams are looking to get involved in the future and the Friar Faithful look forward to a bright future in partnering with Challenger to bring our Friars together with the special needs community.

There are currently over 300 students and 50 families formally serving in the Friar Faithful. There are also dozens of faculty and staff members that go above and beyond to volunteer for many, if not all of the Friar Faithful service projects. Furthermore, there are literally thousands more parents and alumni who fit the description of Friar Faithful. As alumni director Denise Creighton put it, “The objective of Friar Faithful is not to develop an exclusive organization, but rather to promote a unified movement of all of us who love Saint Anthony’s.”

Those parents looking to join the Friar Faithful are welcome to email Mr. Basso in the Admissions Office at to volunteer. The Friar Faithful can especially use parent volunteers for contacting prospective families in January.

Alumni looking to participate in the Friar Faithful can do so by registering on the Saint Anthony’s Alumni Page, following Saint Anthony’s alumni fan page on Facebook, or emailing Denise Creighton at

All Friar Faithful are encouraged to visit the Saint Anthony’s Book Store to order your Friar Faithful shirts.

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