Saint John Vianney Society was founded in 2009 as a way to promote and allow young men to serve the Holy Altar and come closer to God by way of prayer and model of life, as well as to encourage them to consider the possibility of becoming priests.

The members of this Society look with admiration and pray for the intersession of Saint John Marie Vianney (8 May 1786 – 4 August 1859), a French priest, venerated as patron saint of all priests. The members of the Society are all men who are chosen to serve all the liturgical celebrations that we have in our school. They collaborate with the Chaplain of Saint Anthony’s, Father Irinel Racos and the Master of Liturgical Ceremonies, Brother Robert Gabriel, O.S.F.

A member of Saint John Vianney or most commonly known as an Altar Server, knows that God has called him to this specific service. Aware that the celebration of Mass is the best way to pray and worship God, the altar server knows that by serving the Holy Mass he serves God Himself. He knows that being at the Altar is a privilege and a great responsibility.

He is also a prayer leader. By his own example he helps and encourages other students to pray and participate at the Holy Mass. We pray by listening to the words of the Sacred Scripture, the Priest’s prayers and to the choir. We also pray by responding and singing during the Holy Mass.

The student serving the Altar is an example to other students. Therefore, he is dedicated to service, arriving before Holy Mass and preparing the Atlar. During the Sacred Rite, he is recollected, while standing, sitting and kneeling, he hold his hands folded; he knows how to genuflect and how to participate reverently in the celebration of Holy Mass.

The members of the Saint John Vianney Society pray for vocations to the Priesthood in a particular way. They attend spiritual retreats and vocational events and are encouraged to consider becoming priests themselves. They know that the best way to listen to God’s call to the priesthood is to serve Him at the Holy Altar.